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Xtera Communications specializes in network infrastructure that delivers the highest capacity, reach and density. It’s WAN Traffic Management products provide highly-scalable bandwidth management and traffic shaping solutions that ensure low-latency, high-availability networks while maximizing performance of mission-critical or delay-sensitive applications. By integrating network performance with link fault tolerance, bandwidth control, and subscriber management, Xtera solutions offer the best price/performance ratio to optimize your network. Xtera offers a diverse product portfolio and proven expertise in WAN traffic management and networking technology. We strive for continuous technical innovation, enabling organizations to effectively and competitively run their businesses.

Xtera Product Summary

AscenLink – WAN Load Balancing Solution
Xtera’s AscenLink increases internet and intranet bandwidth capacity, and offers significant cost savings compared to leased lines.

AscenFlow – WAN Traffic Management Solution
The need to monitor and analyze traffic between the LAN and the Internet is increasingly important as more and more applications move into the “cloud”, and as companies strive to manage productivity and minimize litigation, security, and other risks.

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